Welcome to Gossamer Wood Sacred Native American Site,

with 9 Energy Vortexes. 

A Hidden Gem.


Gossamer Wood is an ancient sacred Seneca Native American site with 9 strong energy vortexes.  It is in the process of becoming a sacred preserve located in Canandaigua NY for all to enjoy.

Trails meander through its 9 acres of hardwood trees, ceremonial stones, stone circles, and other stone alignments that mark the many sacred or energy areas.  We have placed small white flags to denote areas of high energy to many. Many are drawn to other areas so follow your intuition.  Gossamer Wood is formally certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a Wildlife Habitat as well.

We are inviting practitioners of many modalities to become “partners” of Gossamer Wood so they may hold sessions in Gossamer Wood.  Words cannot describe experiencing Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Forest Bathing, and other modalities while feeling the powerful vortex energies.

New Energy Vortexes Discovered in 2018

Gossamer Wood is a hidden gem, even to those who frequented it over the years. In 2018, important new discoveries were made including 7 powerful energy vortexes.  This adds to the 2 known energy vortexes and the many sacred areas at Gossamer Wood that were used for 100s of years for ceremonies and healing by the Seneca Tribe of Native Americans. 

The Energy Vortexes page on this site describes what an energy vortex is, the different types of energy found in these vortexes and all vortexes, and how they have been helping people over the centuries. 

A Little Background

Bill Dewey purchased Gossamer Wood in 2001 turning it into Gossamer Wood Healing Retreat Center and offering a variety of spiritual programs and nature walks. He always thought the property was sacred and put in an original trail system to guide people to the divine and the special aspects of Mother Earth that people have been frequenting for millennia. In 2017, at the age of 80, he sold the house yet kept ownership of the 9 acres of Gossamer Wood.  The land of Gossamer Wood is protected from any construction or development by a legal deed restriction. 

Bill would like to see the grounds not only be open to serious seekers and lovers of nature but also maintain its spiritual integrity. This means he expects people will be going there for various healing modalities, prayer, meditation, and peaceful meditative walks.

Open for Events and Scheduled Tours,

and Healing Sessions with Practitioner Partners

Until the property is formally made into a public trust, Gossamer Wood is open for scheduled events, scheduled tours, and scheduled healing sessions with practitioners who are “partners” of Gossamer Wood. 

For other days Gossamer Wood is closed to the public.  Bill Dewey, the owner, has an open invitation extended to his friends, BodyTalk® clients, and any friends they may bring with them
. As you can see below, Gossamer Wood has beautiful trails. The Spirit Keepers area and Welcome Circle pictures depict a small fraction of what’s available to explore at Gossamer Wood.