Events, Tours, and Sessions with "Practitioner Partners"


We will be scheduling more tours, more events.  Contact us if you'd like to schedule a guided one-hour ad-hoc tour with a group of at least 2 people ($75 per ad-hoc tour and you can stay all day). 

We are seeking "practitioner partners" - practitioners of most healing modalities to have client sessions at Gossamer Wood.  This may include Yoga, Meditation, Forest Bathing, Reiki, IET, and other healing modalities.  Please contact us if you're interested.

Sept 29, 2018:  Introductory tours of Gossamer Wood sacred, meditative, and energy vortex areas.  

Visitor & Event Fees 

Donations & fees are needed to pay for the taxes & maintenance.  As such, the following are fees are needed.

  • $20:  Open House events with 1-hour tours of Gossamer Wood.  You may say as long as you'd like on these days.
  • $20:  Day-pass payable via the Donate button on this page and the home page.
  • $50:  Season Pass good for all events and for any personal visits for a calendar year.
  • $tbd: Practitioner "Partners" of Gossamer Wood will be holding sessions for a variety of healing modalities. These sessions will have unique fees for each session separate from the Season Pass and will vary by Practitioner.

Private Property with Exceptions


Gossamer Wood is private property unless you have a Season Pass or are attending an event. Exceptions include: 

  • Personal friends of Bill and Fred Dewey are welcome at any time.
  • As are Bill's BodyTalk clients and local neighbors.
  • These friends and clients may bring friends with them during their visits as well. 

Thank you for your understanding.  

Please Note:

FINANCES:  Gossamer Wood LLC runs completely on your donations. 

If you would like to help out, please donate via PayPal which accepts credit cards.

PRIVACY:  We do not sell or trade your email address nor your contact information to anyone or any company.  


We'd love to hear your questions, testimonials, suggestions, and requests to be a "Practitioner Partner". 

We're just getting started.  Let us know if you'd like to be added to our mailing list, be a Gossamer Wood Practitioner "Partner", ask a question, or you can provide a testimonial that we will post on this website in the near future. 

Check back to this page for events and which healing practitioners are offering sessions at Gossamer Wood.

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Park on the gravel area shown below.

(the house is NOT part of Gossamer Wood)