Gossamer Wood,

A Sacred Native American Site With Powerful Energies.

Powerful Earth Energies

Long ago, Native Americans from the Seneca Tribe discovered a certain place of power, a site with no remarkable appearance. Yet this place had a mysterious nature, a mysterious energy, a mysterious spirit. 

Welcome to Gossamer Wood, an amazing gem of sacred woodland property that the Seneca Tribe kept totally secret.  A place where the shaman healers gathered to heal the wounded Natives during the wars.  It was their version of our hospitals today, wherein herbal medicines, ceremonies, sweat lodges, and group prayer were utilized for healing.  They didn’t have a written language then and kept the property secret from the European historians.  The property is surrounded by nature’s woodland protectors (invisible to most of us, but clearly visible to a few psychics).


Powerful  Healing Areas

There are powerful Healing Areas at Gossamer Wood, places that facilitate mystical experiences or can help you find resolutions to your dilemmas. There is the Women’s Circle that nourishes your feminine side, the Spirit Keepers that heals your masculine side, and 7 other high energy vortexes on which to meditate or do healing work. Many can feel these energies during meditations. It’s can be quite a moving experience.



Many Have Independently Confirmed Gossamer Wood's Heritage

These areas have been linked to the Seneca Native Americans by a number of people working independently who didn’t compare notes.  Specifically, we have been honored to have hosted many psychics, dowsers, Native American shamans, sweat lodge water-pourers, Sun Dancers, a Mayan “timekeeper” from Guatemala in 2012, and many others attuned to earth energies who can “see” the historical events as if they are happening currently.  Bill, though not psychic, has had repeated strong intuitions of living on the land in two past lifetimes as a Seneca Native.

Sacred Ceremonial Stones/Areas

There are numerous stones and stone formations located at Gossamer Wood, some old, some new. The large stones found at the Women’s Circle were placed there long, long ago and are perfectly aligned over an aspect of Mother Earth. There are many Manitou Stones found throughout the grounds. These are flat stones placed vertically in the ground. Over the millennia they have sunk into the ground or have tilted.

Flat Stones Mark Certain Power Places

We have followed an ancient practice that we have seen at other hidden places with strong Earth Energy Fields, and placed flat stones on the ground to mark certain power places. They did this because the stones gave emphasis to a location and helped retain the spiritual imprint of prayer/ceremony left behind by pilgrims. We have also created stone circles and more. 


Meditate or Simply Enjoy the Revitalizing Vortex Energies

Please sit on or near flat stones, or in stone circles and add to the love. In doing so you will help improve the location. We believe and have found that prayer, ceremony, or meditation at a sacred site enhances it; or as they say, raise its vibe. Have you ever heard the term a “thin veil” in reference to a sacred site? Many believe that praying at a sacred site enhances it and “thins the veil” between this world and unseen world around us.  There are spots within Gossamer Wood where the veil is very thin.