• Welcome Circle:  A welcome area for a prayer or blessing before entering this sacred site.  The grounding vortex is powerful and a great way to start meditating and exploring.

• Women’s Healing Circle:  This area nourishes your feminine side.  Large rocks were strategically placed long ago - a special part of Mother Earth.  Don’t stay too long or you may never want to leave.  This vortex is magnetic, or feminine, in nature.

• The Bower:  You never know what will happen in this natural room-like shelter.

• Spirit Keepers:  A large stone circle that has powerful fields-of-consciousness (FOC) with strong imprints that gives it the sweetest vibe and can elevate your consciousness.  A powerful vortex that’s electric, or masculine,  in nature.

• Feeds the Soul, Divine Healing, Angelic Touch, Life’s Lessons, & Touching the Soul vortexes:

These ancient areas contain many ceremonial Manatou stones and powerful vortexes and are wonderful to explore. The Angelic Touch area contained a cistern of holy spring water for Native American healing.  The cistern dried up when the natives were chased out of the area, but it had been an overflowing artesian well that was known for centuries for its healing waters, like the various sacred springs and rivers in other countries.  A new water dome is forming underground that hopefully will break through the surface soon.

There are powerful imprints left long ago from prayer and ceremony that can send you on a mystical journey, or give you great insights.  Don’t miss the 2 areas with 2 flags!

• Connecting Meditation:  This area connects you to what you need. Each experience is different, whether it’s connecting with Mother Earth or activating your 3rd eye. An enveloping experience. 

• Pyramid of Time:  Explore your past, this life, or one long ago. This area is unusual in the way that it may distort time for you.  It is known that sitting under a pyramid at about 1/3 of the height greatly enhances the energy coming up through the earth.  Placed where it is, it also allows you to visualize past life experiences with a little practice.

• Family Area:  A wonderful vortex of both grounding and feminine energy.  Learn why families gathered here.  Feel the joy, love, and playfulness.

• Tranquility:  As the name implies.

• Questions:  Have a question?  You might get an answer on your mind’s “whiteboard”.

• Bliss:  Three stone circles mark the powerful earth energies.  One of the 1st areas discovered by Bill.

• Grounding Stations:  Areas along the way to pause and get grounded.  The vortex energy can send you to heights. You’ll forget to touch the ground.

• Meditation Areas:  Wonderful and private healing and meditation areas.

A Few Rules


Wildlife Preservation Area
No Hunting

No Dogs

Private property.  No Trespassing.

Visit only with permission from owners Bill & Fred Dewey,

or during scheduled tours/events, or during sessions with practitioner "partners".

Friends & BodyTalk clients have permission anytime and may bring friends with them.

No maintenance, please carry in & carry out everything.

No facilities, please do not ask neighbors. Stores are 1 mile south.

No fires, camping, firearms, or alcoholic beverages

Stay on trails.  Trails have obstacles that can trip you – use caution.




Trail Map Legend 

Welcome of Gossamer Wood, a sacred Native American site with many areas for meditation, healing, and appreciating nature.  Experience Gossamer Wood’s 9 earth energy vortexes.  Learn why over 2,000,000 people travel annually to Sedona, Arizona each year. 

Look for flat stones, stone circles, and large natural rock formations that mark power spots. We have placed white flags near some areas that feel especially strong to us. B
e open to other areas that may be “calling you”, as each person feels the energy differently.